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Callback: What is Callback??

A callback telephone phone company saves you money on long distance and international phone calls. You circumvent local phone companies and get cheap phone rates from a USA based company. The rates are frequently cheaper than ATT, MCI, Sprint, so it may be interesting even for residents of the United States ( Access Authority offers a phone card service that allows 800 access from any US payphone. Callback discounted rates are especially interesting for residents of other countries.

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What do I need to do to use callback

You need to sign up for a callback company. For this you should have an international credit card. Once you have signed up, you get your personal Trigger number. To make a phone call, you call this Trigger number, let it ring only once (so it does not pick up and no charges accrue). In seconds, you receive a call back to your phone and get a dial tone. (If you are in the USA, you can use an 800 access instead that works like a Telephone card). You dial as if you were in the US, you will receive detailed instructions as to which prefixes to use

You can program the callback procedure into your telephone . If you have large volume of calls you can even get a machine for 160 dollars that does all this for you so it feels like a normal long distance phone company.

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Callback charges

The companies represented by me have no hidden fees.

Callback rates are flat rates, they are the same 24 hours a day. Most callback companies bill every 6 seconds (minimum 18 or 30 seconds). This saves you another 10-30 percent, because you do not pay for 3 minutes if you only talked for 2 minutes and 10 seconds. Rather, you get billed for 2 minutes 6 seconds.

A little caution, though. Callback calls are charged from the moment you get the callback, so your dialing time and ring time are also charged. So you better dial fast or already preprogram the number. But, if the call does not complete (busy or not answered, you are not charged). All companies do this, they just do not tell you. You see, I am not a hard pitch salesperson, I want you to get the whole picture, advantages and disadvantages.

Rate information. Which Callback Telephone Company should I choose?

I offer various callback telephone companies. Access Authority, Axicom, ClearWorld, Kallback, GlobalTel.  Their rates vary, so verify yourself below.

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