Money for surfing the internet?? Are you joking?

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There are several companies that pay  you money in exchange for a small advertising toolbar on your screen. The US companies mainly recruit members from English speaking countries. But TeknoSurf accepts citizens from all countries. If you are German, please read the German page, we have plenty of German companies.

For the US and other English speaking countries, there is

NOTE: at the moment my main recommendation is alladvantage, as they are proven to pay honestly

Note that you can run more than one viewbar at a time!!! Thus you earn double!!!



Alladvantage pays you 50 cents per hour for surfing the web. Guaranteed. See this scanned paycheck (this is a friend's paycheck. I already got several checks, but they go directly to my bank, so I cannot scan them) What is the catch??

  1. You have to endure a viewbar on your screen. The viewbar displays advertising. It is not very big, though. You can turn it off, too. Of course you get no commission during off time.
  2. Initially, Alladvantage payed only to US residents. Since September 1999 they are already expanding to Canada and Britain. Since January, they pay to US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and various US Territories. Other countries will follow. Thus, even if you are not a US resident, please register now. Then you can get your friends registered, too. And get 10 cents for each hour your friend surfs the net!! And I get my comission, too. Happy.gif (93 bytes) So please register from my link. If you get many  friends to sign up, and these friends also sign up a big downline, then you can actually make some real money.
  3. you need

This is how the viewbar looks like

After a long wait, I got the information how to download their toolbar. In July 99 I already saw money accumulating on my acccount. Seems to work all right!!

 Here you can see a Alladvantage statement of mine, with the calculation of my income


The first pay to surf program that pays people in all countries

Teknosurf is probably the best, but till you are sure, stay with alladvantage which certainly works. TeknoSurf pays up to 100 hours per month, almost 1 dollar per hour, and pays for your downline several levels deep. And they pay as long as you are connected to the net and see their viewbar. Not only when you surf, also when you write email or do anything else..(But you need to use your mouse, if the surf indicator ln the left end of the bar turns yellow, please wiggle your mouse so it gets green again and counts your time) TeknoSurf says they are a major advertising firm whose other programs already paid millions. Once you sign up you can instantly activate their viewbar.

Here is my teknosurf statement

Sign up for TeknoSurf

The current referral structure is as follows:
  1. Level one (direct referrals) = 10%
  2. Level two (indirect referrals) = 7%
  3. Level three (indirect f referrals) = 5%
  4. Level four (indirect referrals) = 2%
  5. Level five (indirect referrals) = 2%
  6. Level six (indirect referrals) = 1%
  7. Level seven (indirect referrals) = 1%

So...for every dollar one of your direct referrals makes, you will earn 10 cents.

Sign up for TeknoSurf



ExtraSalary pays you for websurfing, and also for reading emails

You get US$ 0.03 for each advertising email you receive. And US$ 0,01 for each email that your referrals receive, on 3 levels down. Earn money with spam!!!

Pay scheme for websurfing:

Anzahl Referals
Stundenentgelt nach Online-Ebene


1. Level
2. Level
3. Level
4. level
5. Level


register here for Extrasalary  4D1337487EF


 Earn Now has very good payments,  especially for your downline.  If you get sign up a lot of people, you can make a lot of money.  register here 


0) Sie selbst 1.00 DM/Stunde
1) Ihre Freunde 0.20 DM/Stunde
2) Die Freunde Ihrer Freunde 0.20 DM/Stunde
3) Die Freunde der Freunde Ihrer Freunde 0.20 DM/Stunde
4)  Die Freunde der Freunde der Freunde Ihrer Freunde 0.20 DM/Stunde
5) Die Freunde der Freunde der Freunde der Freunde Ihrer Freunde 0.20 DM/Stunde

Vorteil: die beste Bezahlung. Wenn Sie ganz am Anfang ganz oben einsteigen, dann koennen Sie über 5 Ebenen verdienen.

 Stellen Sie sich einmal vor, sie werben 10 Freunde in Ebene 1). Diese werben je 10 Freunde, also 100 in Ebene 2. Diese werben je 10 Freunde, also 1000 in Ebene 3, 10 000 in Ebene 4 und 100 000 in Ebene 5. Wenn jeder dieser Leute nur 5 Stunden im Monat surft, dann wuerden Sie über DM 100 000 pro Monat verdienen. Auch bei weniger optimistischen Annahmen, falls Sie eifrig werben kann da viel herausspringen!! Und dies ist nicht das typische betrügerische Multilevel Programm, wo Sie von den Einzahlungen der Leute unter Ihnen verdienen. Hier kommt das Geld wirklich von den Werbeeinnahmen von earn-now.

Here is the Registration 

 Register with some other companies, too. One never knows which one will survive and turn out to be the est


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