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Romance in Los Angeles, California. Find your Soulmante, Prince Charming, Woman or Man of your Dreams. Free personals, classifieds to find friends, friendship, dates, serious, committed relationships, romance, marriage. Or just adventure, a hot date with a handsome,tall man, a beautiful sexy woman, Asian, Latino, black, white. Or just meet new friends or penpals.

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One more dating and introduction service? So what is new?

Detailed long text

Tired of two line ads: "Ugly poor uneducated SWM, 35, seeks yng vgl rich female"? I will ask extensive questions and leave space for you to write about yourself and what you want. There is enough space on the internet to give details.

No charge

Tired of expensive 900 lines for $2 to $ 5 per minute? Or of "free"ads in newspaper which require you to retrieve the answers over a 900 line? A3 is free, though donations are appreciated

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Have you looked at all these classified newspaper ads and wished you saw a photo? Let's be honest, most people have an immediate liking or disliking for a date based on the looks. I wish I could post video and sounds, too, but this is good for starters.

Local Los Angeles residents only

I believe that most people would not be very interested in meeting new and unknown dates who live 200 miles away. Therefore I restrict this to the Los Angeles area. Sorry for the others.

I believe that there are not too many women roaming the internet to find dating services. Therefore I will try to seek women and might discriminate somewhat against men. I am sure there are enough men seeking dates on the internet.

For the time being, this service is free for men and women. I appreciate donations, I will soon post an address where you can send photos to be posted. Women get them posted for free or for a small donation, men should donate at least $5-$25 to offset my work and cost. If you have a photo on your own site you can post a reference for free.

Post a reference to your personal homepage free

I will post references to your own homepage with your biography and photos etc. for free. Please post your complete URL.

Site run by a PhD candidate researcher

I had some plans to use this site for University research. I am not sure if this will happen, if it will you will be notified in advance. Research ethics require informed consent and anonymity. This program is a private enterprise, though. NO claims are made that any University sponsors or approves of this site.

Future Plans

I would like to have some scientifically based methods to match people based on scintific criteria of who fits well with whom.

Status: right now the system is in an experimental phase

(and will probably forever be experimental)
People who want to help me out, especially with administration of the message-board, deletions, answering e-mail etc, please send me an e-mail to the address below. Preferably people from the Los Angeles area.

Please help me advertising

If you have your own webpage, you may put a reference to this site. Just copy the follwing to your site:
<center><a href="http://www.a3.com/dating/"> A3.COM Friendship and Dating especially for Los Angeles. <BR>Just type a3 in your netscape browser</a></center>

Sorry, due to internet censorship laws,
you must be over 21 (or 18, see below) to participate.

If you are under 21 years old,
please use the return button on your browser.
Or press here

If you press the button below you confirm that you are over 21 years of age, are aware that you enter in unmoderated message boards. You are aware you might encounter some of the seven words the US government deems indecentand not suitable for broadcasting, and other uncensored opinions. If you are offended by such postings, please press the RETURN button of your browser. By pressing the button below you also agree NOT to post offensive and indecent messages.
If the law of your state allows 18 year-olds to agree to the the above points, then you may enter if you are at least 18 years old

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